Tutorial Overview

This is a tutorial on Braid Group Cryptography, intended for use by people with a computer science background.

A quick introduction to the differences between symmetric and public key cryptography and some motivation for the use of braids in cryptography is given on the Introduction to Cryptography page.

An elementary introduction to braids is given on the Introduction to Braids page. Some further properties of braids are presented on the Properties of Braids page. These further properties are important in unerstanding how braids are actually encoded in a computer system, but are not essential to understand the protocols and can be skipped on a first read through.

Protocols (Key Exchange, Encryption and Decryption, and Authentication) are discussed in the Protocols page, and an example of Key Exchange is given on the Example Of Key Exchange page. This same example page (with pictures!) can be found at Example Of Key Exchange (with pictures).

Security issues and attacks on the braid cryptosystems are very briefly discussed on the Security and Attacks page. This page is really meant as a starting point for your own research into the area.

Finally, on the Further reading page, there is a summary of some relevant papers (which also doubles as the reference list) and some links to useful related sites.