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Workshop: Defining the Architecture for Next Generation Inclusive Television


Relevant Links

A random collection of web resources that are relevant to the workshop topic.  Please suggest some more.

Archimedes Hawaii Project: Total Access System (TAS)

An architecture that facilitates the connection of specialised input and output devices to standard computer systems.  The Total Access System (TAS) provides external access to all user functions on any computer or IT device. The TAS separates user interaction functions from the machine interface and allows the same operational procedures to be used with different target devices.


BBC launches Project Canvas

Standards based open environment for internet-connected digital terrestrial and digital satellite television devices.  It is now open for public consultation.  The URL points to the documentation.


BSkyB STB design case-study from the Design Council

Some insight into the priorities that influenced the design of a STB.


Ease of use issues with domestic electronic communications equipment

A research audit for Ofcom UK by Mike George and Linda Lennard


Easy to use digital television receivers: remote control buttons and functions used by different types of consumer

A research report for Ofcom UK by Jonathan Freeman & Jane Lessiter.  Downloads as a pdf.


Easy YouTube Player

An accessible interface for YouTube.


informitv  article: Alternative to Canvas based on open standards

This describes an attempt to create a European standard for TV content interchange.  It looks highly relevant as an initiative to influence.


Kendra Initiative

An international media, technology, academic and industry alliance. The mission is to foster an open distributed marketplace for digital media (including films, music, images, games and text).



The RNIB Digital Accessibility Team's website, Tiresias, offers knowledge and tools for researchers and designers of information and communication technology (ICT) systems, on designing accessible ICT and how it will benefit the general public, such that it is also accessible by those with sight problems and other disabilities.


UPC European TV survey 2008

Concern about too small screen text expressed by a significant minority of viewers. Teletext subtitling used by up to a half of viewers across Europe. Surprisingly small percentages rate TV remote control difficult. Up to half of viewers would appreciate having a zoom function and the ability to adjust text size and colour. Up to a third would appreciate voice recognition controls. Up to a quarter would like spoken explanation of menus. Up to a half would like a choice of dubbing for every programme. A substantial minority would like a choice of subtitling for every programme. Particularly in Austria, a substantial minority would like assistance with TV installation.


W4B - TV and Radio Charity

W4B The TV and Radio Charity is the main UK charity for those needing assistance with a TV or Radio. We aim to prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness by ensuring that those with issues associated with age, illness or disability who find it difficult to leave their homes, can benefit from the comfort and entertainment that a radio or TV can bring.


w4b Digital Television Pilot Project 2006/2007 Report


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