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The human centred perspective emphasises the interdependence between technology, knowledge and society. 

Essentially the human centred vision is concerned with social cohesion and with the central question: what does Information Society mean to the citizen of Europe and what is required to make information and communication technologies work for society and social cohesion? 

Within the framework of human-centred thinking knowledge is envisioned as the core resource for participation and social innovation. This knowledge centred view of cohesion refocuses our view of information society from technology transfer to knowledge transfer; from managing the technical knowledge base to the building and continually servicing of the socio-technical knowledge of society; from designing technical interfaces to building tools for socio-communication. 
The SEAKE Centre was set up in 1984 to promote socially and culturally responsive design and use of information technology. The Institute Without Walls is an international forum for researchers and practitioners concerned with the issues of human centredness.
AI and Society is the cross-disciplinary journal of the human centred movement.

The Cross Cultural Innovation Network is a forum to bring together entrepreneurial and academic cultures.

The EU-India Cross Cultural Innovation Network project forcuses on the value added applications of university research into the areas of social and economic change, regional models of innovation and entrepreneurship and their transferability between regions and cultures.

Karamjit S Gill,
Professor, Human Centred Systems, 
School of Information Management, 
University of Brighton, 
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